water analyzer / wastewater / phosphorus / orthophosphate
WDet-5000 Hangzhou Zetian Technology CO., Ltd



  • Measured entity:

    water, wastewater, phosphorus, orthophosphate

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, online, RS485, non-contact, colorimetric


Product Description
Under neutral conditions, the sample is digested by potassium phosphorus converting all of phosphorus into orthophosphate. Then under acidic conditions, orthophosphate reacts with molybdate and oxygen antimony potassium tartrate, generating phosphomolybdic acid that is reduced by ascorbic acid to form blue complex. The amount of blue complex is proportional to orthophosphate. Measurement by colorimetric method gets total phosphorus content ultimately.

1.Core components imported, high reliability, Long lifetime, suitable for long time on-line monitoring
2.Photoelectric measurement method makes accurate sampling with low injection error
3.Unique hybrid technology of bubble agitation ensures thorough mixing of samples and reagents
4.Automatic leakage alarm and self-diagnostic function enhance safety and efficiency

Technical Data
Method:Ammonium molybdate spectrophotometry method,Molybdate yellow colorimetric method
Detection Limit:0.01mg/L,0.2mg/L
Interval:Continuous, 1, 2, 3... 24 hours, can also be triggered by a serial port
Reagent Consumption:A single set of reagents can measure 250 samples

Apply to the monitoring of pollution sources and surface water, can also be applied to the detection of the sewage treatment process.