water analyzer / wastewater / chromium / heavy metal
MDet-5000 Hangzhou Zetian Technology CO., Ltd



  • Measured entity:

    water, wastewater, chromium, heavy metal

  • Measured value:

    ion concentration, chemical oxygen demand

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, online, multi-parameter, simultaneous, RS485, extractive, colorimetric


Product descriptions
In measurement of hexavalent chromium, in acid medium, hexavalent chromium of sample react withdiphenylcarbazide whichgenerate purple compound.Compound color depth is proportional to the content of hexavalent chromium in the samples.

Full spectrum (200-800nm) measurement techniques, can simultaneously measure ammonia nitrogen and COD(UV method)
Photoelectric measurement method, sample accurately, low injection error
With automatic leakage alarm and self-diagnostic function, safety in use, efficient analysis


Method diphenylcarbazidespectrophotometry (Cr6+),potassiumpermanganate oxidation-diphenylcarbazide spectrophotometry method(TCr)
Uncertainty ±3%
Range 0~1/2/5mg/L (total chromium, hexavalent chromium),0~0.5mg/L(hexavalent chromium)
Interval continuous, 1, 2, 3...24 hours a day, or triggered via a serial port
Reproducibility ±3%
Reagent Consumption A single set of reagents can measure 250 samples
Analog Output 4-20mA output (expandable to 2-channel), the maximum load 500Ω
Analog Input 4-20mA input (expandable to 2-channel), compatible with 0-5V input
Relay Output 4 ,can be flex-ibly configured
Communication Interface RS485 / RS232 / USB interface (Optional)
Maintenance <1 hour/ month
Working Temperature 5℃~40℃
Power 200W(220VAC, 50Hz), without considering pumps

Apply to hexavalent chromium (chromium) monitoringof industrial sewage treatment plant and industrial process (such as electroplating, metallurgy, printing and dyeing industry) ,etc.