environmental analysis air quality monitor / IAQ / eco-friendly / VOC
AM-5 Hangzhou Zetian Technology CO., Ltd



  • Options:

    for environmental analysis, IAQ, eco-friendly

  • Gas type:

    VOC, NO2, SO2, NO, CO


AM-5 Series Air Quality Roadside Monitoring Station
AM-5 series is a simple modular air quality continuous automatic monitoring system and
auxiliary system based on small outdoor temperature control system. It adopts whole cabinet
integration of temperature control design, can be configured with a variety of monitoring
factors which is in accordance with Chinese and USA EPA standard measurement principle
including O , SO , NOx, CO and VOC, PM and PM , etc.

Instrument Configuration Nox, CO, PM2.5, O , VOC, 3
Calibration system, meteorological 5 parameters (optional)
Range NOx: 0 20ppm
CO: 0~1000ppm
O : 0~10ppm 3
SO :0~20ppm 2
PM :0~2500μg/m3 2.5
PM :0~10000μg/m3

Working Temperature: -20℃~ +50 ℃
Working Humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH
Detection Limit:
NOx: 0.04ppb
CO: 0.04ppb
O3 : 0.4ppb
SO2 :0.4ppb
PM2.5:1 ug/m3 PM10:1 ug/m3
IP Level IP55
Power: 200V 240V, 50/60Hz
Communication interface: RS232

IP55, easy to install
Continuous sampling with negative pressure to ensure the authenticity of the measurement
Measuring components can be extended according to the requirement
Adopt the whole temperature control to meet the long-term use of high and low temperature environment
The system can use remote software for local or remote control through GPRS, RS232, Ethernet or USB port


Environmental air quality grid monitoring; monitoring of key factors of air quality in towns and villages; emergency environment
air quality monitoring, quick spot monitoring of sudden environmental problems of small area; continuous automatic monitoring
of the air quality of urban traffic roads, highways and tunnels, in small areas such as shopping center and gymnasium.