Cable reel / spring / fixed / heavy-duty


  • Type:

    for cables

  • Rewind:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    37 m (121' 5")

  • Diameter:

    29.62 in


Hannay Reels SCR700 spring rewind reel of industrial standards is designed for the live electric cable with extensive bending radii from the devices. It is perfect to use with power tools, lights, and machinery and generator lines of devices. It has roller assemblies with four ways for your convenience. You can mount the unit virtually in any location.
The durable spring motor features an automatic rewind power with non-sparking ratchet assembly to lock the reel with the desired length of the cable. SCR700 has a standard 45 amps, 3-conductor, 600 volts collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring from the antenna ring to the junction box.
The length of the live electrical cable is 50 to 120 ft. of 14/3 to 8/3-inch. The 4 ways roller assembly is a special feature of SCR700. A cable stopper is available to avoid any damage and allow automatic adjustments of the free cable length.


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