Belt-tension measuring device / portable
10 - 800 Hz | RTM-400 Hans Schmidt & Co


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The Trummeter is used for the measuring of belt tension and for controlling the strand force of V-belts , power belts, tooth belts or similar. The best belt time is based on the correct belt tension. The set point of the belt tension is based on the natural frequency measured in hertz or strand force in N measuring the ranges maximum. The Trummeter comes with a 10-800 Hz unique feature. The measurement principle and the frequency measurement is indicated by an LED light when the belt is is in a stationary position. The reading can then be shown as frequency Hz or strand force N or lbf. The belt tension meter comes with a display unit along with two probes for measurement, and a plug-in probe for single hand operation. The measuring probe comes with a cable for limited access space. When there is a need to determine the spring force in newton then two parameters are required.


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