portable torque meter / for torque and angle measurement / digital
HTG Series Hans Schmidt & Co



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for torque and angle measurement

  • Other characteristics:


  • Torque:

    10 Nm (7.38 ft.lb)


The hand-held torque meter of series HTG with separate sensor are convenient for measuring the torque of screws, components, screw and plug connectors, drive shafts etc.
There are different measuring ranges from 0 - 0.5 Ncm up to 0 - 10 Nm available.

The device provides two operation modes for measuring opening and closing forces (real time and peak mode). The high internal sampling rate of 2000 times/sec is ideal for acquisition of peak values.

Because of the easy to read OLED display, the switchable units, as well as the 8 selectable languages the torque meter is very user-friendly.

The internal memory can store 1000 values. This readings can be recalled in the display, transferred via the USB or RS-232 output to a PC or printed out over the Digimatic interface.

There are programmable high/low set-points for go/no-go testing.

With model HTGA readings can be transferred from the internal memory to an USB flash drive or directly saved on it.