condition monitoring system / alarm / for temperature sensors / remote
Alarmwatch Hanwell Solutions Ltd



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    alarm, for temperature sensors

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The IMC AW03 is a type of Hanwell Alarmwatch Remote Sensor. This unit is providing various combinations of temperature and volt-free contact inputs. It is capable of sending SMS messages and is acting as a watchdog or reporting a breached alarm condition. The AW03 is independent and is applicable to be used in remote locations as long as a GSM signal is available. This device is powered by replaceable batteries that comes with an approximately 2-year life expectancy.

The AW03 Alarmwatch is using off-the-shelf GSM modems. Communication loss can can sometimes occur because of the network problems and resetting in remote locations is complicated. This device also has a module’s onboard micro controller that acts as a modem watchdog, detecting the networking issues and automatically do the resetting and reconnecting.

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