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pneumatic conveyor / solids / for bulk materials / chain drive



  • Technology:


  • Product transported:

    solids, for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:

    chain drive, drag, modular, tubular, for general purpose


Tubular Drag Convey product are encapsulated in a completely sealed system, where the sprocket drive pulls heavy-duty chain through a fully enclosed casing slowly. There are less chances of dusting, product spoiling, explosions and other contamination issues, as the chain moves the material through pipe. Compared to other conveyors, it needs less energy to operate.

Our energy-efficient conveyors use low-horse power motor to move powders or bulk solids. The motors produce a very slow and steady drag that cuts down energy cost.

It is capable of moving challenging materials such as high-moisture ingredients, abrasive, blended, friable, easy-to-compact or smear products without compromising quality or efficiency. You can even configure your tabular drag to convey your product in a vertical, horizontal or any other angle around the corners. You can get multiple jobs done with this single conveyor. You can add more than one inlet/outlet in your process.

The modular design makes it possible to attain future configurations such as length, conveyor path, number of inlets, discharge outlets etc.