AC/AC power supply / converter / closed / high-voltage
50 VA, 7 – 8 kV | EN 8, EN 8 LC HAUG


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Power pack EN 8 LC
The EN 8 LC power pack supplies voltage to ionizers. The mains voltage is transformed into a 7–8 kVAC by a high-voltage transformer.

The EN 8 LC power pack represents the state of the art. The monitoring which is integrated in the secondary area indicates that the partial discharge inception voltage (= start of effect of ionization units / ill.1) is too low by making the monitoring LED blink (ill.2). The compact printed circuit board technology ensures reliability and ease of maintenance. The device has four gas-tight high-voltage connections and has been manufactured in accordance with protection type IP 54, protection class I as per VDE.

Power pack EN 8

Identical to power pack EN 8 LC, but without integrated watchdog function.
Special features and advantages

simple and fast checking of ionization unit
reliable information concerning manufacturing process (process and quality control)
continuous monitoring of the ionization unit without additional testing and measuring equipment


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