liquid filter / single-bag / flange-mount / PVC
Hayward Industries, Inc.


  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    flange-mount, PVC

  • Filtration size:

    Max.: 800 µm

    Min.: 1 µm

  • Operating pressure:



HAYWARD Simplex Bag Filter is made of metal and categorized as single and double length sizes. These metal filters will ultimately rust or cor-rode and contaminate the process media. This can never happen with a Hayward PVC or CPVC all plastic filter bag housing. It will never rust, corrode, or contaminate the process media.

The housing weighs much less than a metal one making installation easier. These plastic filter housing are created to stand up to the most demanding industrial and commercial applications around. The rugged and thick wall structure secures years of danger free service. This product is features as integral mounting base and accepts standard size filter bags. In addition to this, the cover is easily hand removal and is capable of in-line or loop piping installations.