resistive strain gauge / rosette type / for stress analysis / full-bridge
VY series HBM Test and Measurement



  • Technology:


  • Geometry:

    rosette type

  • Other characteristics:

    for stress analysis, full-bridge

  • Resistance:

    120 Ohm, 350 Ohm


The VY series consists of full bridge strain gauges with four, neatly-arranged measuring grids set in such a way that a 90-degree angle is formed. The full bridge SGs are typically used in applications such as tension compression bar and torsion bar measurements, as well as the determination of shear stresses when occurring in shear beams.

A feature in the VY1 series by HBM include a 0 to 90 degree T-full bridge, which is available with three temperature responses, and adapted to customer specification or for steel. The VY4 models feature a shear torsion-full bridge with a range of temperature responses, which are adapted for aluminum, steel or customer specifications. There are available models with nominal resistances of 350 and 120ohms.