paperless recorder / transient / high-speed
GEN3t HBM Test and Measurement



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The GEN3t data acquisition system with its compact size is specifically designed for installation in 19” control cabinets. It offers powerful high-speed performance that test bench applications require for rapid data acquisition, which can be as much as 100 million measured values per second/per channel. This system offers rapid transient recording and possesses the ability to perform 100MB/s data transfers continuously to an external PC or 200MB/s transfers to an SSD (solid state disk).

It supports three slots for plug-in cards with up to 96 channels that can be configured individually. Offering high levels of flexibility with ease of use, GEN3t is ready for out-of-the-box use. All it takes is a few minutes for unpacking and installation of the Perception software on the computer. Users choose the option – transient or continuous – and data is continuously transferred onto the assigned PC or to an SSD as desired.