video corpo

Sleeving and assembly monitoring system
0.05 - 20 Hz, max. 1 Mbps | PME HBM Test and Measurement


  • Type:

    sleeving and assembly


HBM's PME is specifically used for industrial measurement applications. Its rugged housing is made of die-cast aluminum that can be mounted on L-rails. Industrial plug-and-socket connections makes installation simple and saves time as it reduces expenditure on wiring. It comes in a wide variety of signal conditioners meant for recording all measured quantities needed for processing like displacement, force, speed, temperature, torque, and frequency. It consists of a modular amplifier system that incorporates self-supporting, intelligent modules for decentralist onsite measurement applications It is integrated with 4 limit value switches, 4 parameter set memories, 2 peak value stores, LCD display, changeover analog output (+/- 10V, 4...20 mA, +/- 20 mA), CAN interface, and a keypad.


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