compression load cell / canister / precision / strain gauge
TOP HBM Test and Measurement



  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:

    precision, strain gauge

  • Rated force:

    Min.: 100 N

    Max.: 500000 N


The TOP transfer force transducers are able to comply with the most demanding precision measurement requirements which prevail in international comparison measurements. The specifications far exceed the data specified in the respective standards. The transducer has been developed utilizing the extensive knowledge gained in the field of precision measurement technique and the experience from continuous co-operation with National Institutes.

The TOP-Z30 and TOP-Z4A are the two types of transducer series provided for the numerous nominal (rated) forces from 100 N to 500 kN. Uniquely, the transducers can be utilized for both tensile and compressive loading which already have a nominal (rated) force of 100 N. The force application parts which are recommended in the standard are available for each direction of stress.

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