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AED HBM Test and Measurement

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analog-digital converter / CAN analog-digital converter / CAN - AED


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Committed to bring excellence in process control systems, the Digital AED Transducer Electronics from HBM is a state-of-the-art device that uses clever technology to convert analog load cells into digital data. The main advantage of technology is that you don't even have to spend money to buy a new system, because you can just upgrade it into the existing system and begin benefitting from unparalleled digital precision. The technique is smooth, fast and efficient though the complete transducer electronics can be rigged only through the PC. The bus interface in the system allows for quick and easy installation. AED measurement chain is fit with the following components (1)Amplifier board AD103C (2)Basic devices with additional interfaces and EMC protection and (3)AED Panel32 software.