resistive strain gauge / linear / encapsulated
V series HBM Test and Measurement



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  • Geometry:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Resistance:

    120 Ohm, 350 Ohm


HBM Series V encapsulated strain gauges offer exceptional mechanical protection and a 3m stranded PVC-insulated connection wire.

Type LV41 is an encapsulated linear strain gauge for measuring strain in a single direction.

Type XV91 is a 0°/90° rosette to analyze states of biaxial stress with principal strain in known direction.

Type RV91 is a 0°/45°/90° rosette to analyze the state of a biaxial stress with principal strain in unknown direction.

Series V strain gauges provide a nominal (rated) resistance of 120 ohms along with responses of temperature customized for steel.