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Rugged mobile data acquisition system
SoMat series HBM

SoMat - rugged, mobile data acquisition systems

Measuring actual customer usage and operational data delivers feedback to the designers however acquiring data is not easy. Conditions on the test track or in the hands of the end user can be very challenging. Data acquisition instruments and sensors are exposed to vibration, shock, dust, fluids and temperature extremes. Typically there is only one chance to get the data. This is where HBM's range of SoMat data acquisition systems come in.

Read the SoMat brochure online
Read the SoMat brochure online

SoMat eDAQ and SoMat eDAQlite systems offer you an unrivaled combination of features:

Leading edge signal conditioning
Correlation of physical data, vehicle bus and GPS
Real-time data processing, triggering and complex computations
Rugged stand-alone data acquisition systems
Engineered for mobile applications
Sealed for extreme environments

Our products are built tough to withstand the harsh environments you work in and have the capacity to perform a broad range of on-board data processing. This real-time data processing is achieved using SoMat DataModes™ technology.


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