L Allen wrench / titanium / non-magnetic



  • Other characteristics:

    L, titanium, non-magnetic

  • Length:

    Min.: 20 mm

    Max.: 45 mm


This extremely non magnetic, corrosion resistant, lightweight and durable product is made from an alloy of Titanium. This tool is perfect for use in aviation, spaceflight, iatrology and in areas where there is magnetic field. This unique product is extremely difficult to manufacture and equally hard to machine. Because of its distinguishable properties, this titanium tool finds use in some high-tech industries. This material has been produced after several years of research and practice. We have mastered the skill process and technology required to produce and machine this material. We also possess the precision equipment for producing this. We are capable of supplying many series with various specifications for Titanium Tools.

The product has a good client base in America ,Japan, Germany, France, England, Korea, Denmark, Russia, U.A.E and many others. The excellent quality and competitive pricing coupled with honest dealings and good services have earned us a great goodwill.

Titanium tool's Hardness is HRC33-43 ,bREAKING strength ??850, Extensibility of ??10% and Density of 4.5 g/cm3. Titanium Hex Key Wrench is used to...