impact wrench socket / titanium

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impact wrench socket / titanium impact wrench socket / titanium - 5302 series


  • Applications:

    for impact wrenches

  • Other characteristics:


  • Diameter:

    Max.: 32 mm

    Min.: 17 mm

  • Length:

    50 mm, 55 mm


The impact socket wrench are typically manufactured from Titanium alloy material having extreme non magnetism,corrosion resistance,lightweight and durability which makes them an ideal for special tools in Aerospace,Aviation,Military and Hospitals which do not have the option of using any other material. Though it is not easy to produce and machine the Titanium products, their incomparable properties make them capable of being used in high-tech industries prior to any other options.
The years of research and experience have finally resulted in mastering the absolute process skill and technology induced in their production and machining in addition to equipping the precision equipment. This has enabled the manufacturers to offer its customers, a wide variety of options with varying specifications and tools.
The broadly achieved reputation owing to the fine quality, competitive price, honest dealings and good services has allowed these devices to have been used in a wide market internationally including the markets of America,Japan,Germany,France,England,Korea, Denmark, Russia, U.A.E and many other countries. The technical data of these tools include a HRC33-43 hardness, breaking ??850, extensible ??10% and a Density of 4.5 g/cm3