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Comber Turbodry® TD 0.8/1.1 - TD 40/60 HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group



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Turbodry® TD 0.8/1.1 to 40/60 Series of Agitated Vacuum Pan Dryer are designed for drying difficult samples. It comes equipped with a double mechanical seal, sampler valve, advanced CIP systems, and stainless steel hydraulic pre-piping and terminal-box wiring. The seal employs dry-running contact, gas, and oil lubrication and can be easily replaced or substituted. Accessories in the form of micro-wave auxiliary heating unit, automatic PLC control, heavy current box, and PMSX are provided on request. In addition, a pressure-resistant and sterile dryer variant can also be provided with a glove box and DQ/IQ/OQ qualification.
Turbodry® adheres to 97/23/EG directives, ASME U-stamp, cGMP, and FDA guidelines. In addition, all products qualify 03ATEX0246X (PED 94/9/EG) EG-type testing and class 1, division 1 or 2, group C & D environment UL testing.