monitoring software / web-based data management / analysis / data logger
myREX24 series Helmholz GmbH & Co. KG



  • Function:

    monitoring, web-based data management, analysis, data logger, programming, automation, preventive maintenance, data archiving, communications, diagnostic, acquisition, server, data exchange, for remote access, PROFINET protocol, remote maintenance, IIOT, data transfer, remote management, dashboard, data conversion, data collection

  • Applications:

    network, process, for I/O board, for PROFINET I/O controllers, PLC, for railway applications, industrial, machine, alarm, for mobile applications, for robots, TCP, diagnostic, for robotics, for factories, for the automotive industry, for PROFIBUS and SINEC-L1 protocols


With the myREX24 V2 virtual server, you can bring the proven myREX24 technology to your own computer center.
The myREX24 V2 virtual server grows flexibly with your requirements and supports up to 20,000 devices and 250 active connections.
The server can be installed and operated both in your own computer center and with a host of your choice, which means you have access to all of your IoT data.
The myREX24 V2 virtual Server offers you maximum performance for your remote maintenance and IoT applications, as well as permanent VPN access to all connected routers.
As a special feature in comparison with the myREX24 V2 Public Portal, you can configure and permanently operate Machine-to-Machine (M2M) networks with your routers using the myREX24 virtual server.
The option of a complete individualization of the myREX24 V2 virtual server websites (own company logo, colors, etc.) allows you to offer the portal as a solution specific to your company.

Operating conditions:
VMWare ESXi server (as of V5.0.0) or vSphere
Min. 2 vCPUs, 2 GB RAM
Min. 20 GB storage
“root” access to the ESXi server
Internet connection
A fixed, public IP address with DNS name
Own e-mail account for the portal in your mail server (“”)
SSL web certificate for the DNS name (certificate and key)