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copper condenser copper condenser


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Mainly used in air conditioner indoor and outdoor units with the piping systems. The two ends of the pipe use a copper and the middle is aluminum pipe. The joint method between copper pipe and the middle is aluminum pipe adopts insertion resistance welding, which not only satisfies the requirement that the pipe connector material must be copper but also achieves the same effect.

1. Low cost and Antioxidant: It doesn’t exist the quality risk that copper-aluminum connecting pipe both ends and the valve contact is easy to produce the oxidation and corrosion, the material for two ends of copper and aluminum pipe is copper, to avoid this problem from occurring, to achieve a lower cost of purpose.
2. Long Life, the outer surface of copper-aluminum connecting pipe used cross-linked polyethylene (pyrocondensation pipe) antiseptic treatment to ensure the separation of water and moist air on the corrosion of aluminum tubes, life is more than 20 years.
3. Both sides connected to the valve is copper, the connection will not have any effect. Construction of facilities, and all brass lighter than 1 / 3, easy handling, excellent bending properties, easy to install and movement.
4. The outer protective film of Copper and aluminum tube has a strong anticorrosion ability