Pt100 temperature sensor / thermocouple / platinum resistive / stainless steel
Hengxin Precision Electrical Equipment



  • Technology:

    thermocouple, Pt100, platinum resistive

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel


PT100 temperature sensor manufactured in many different configurations for multitude of applications. Diameters, lengths, sheath material, lead lengths and sensor material are just a few of the variables that go into determining the style of thermocouple when manufactured. The main determining factors of what type thermocouple needs to be used in a application is temperature, environment, response time and accuracy. The junction of the thermocouple can be grounded, ungrounded or exposed. The thermocouple junction may be of many different styles, from tube type to a washer configuration. The lead length may vary depending on the distance of the temperature controller from the thermocouple sensor. The metal that the sensor is constructed of determines the type of thermocouple manufactured.