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    for process control, for machines, device, for power distribution networks, for railway vehicles

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It is very common for three phase unbalance in the low voltage distribution. In the urban network and agricultural network,due to a large number of single-phase load, and it is extremely serious for three phase current unbalance phenomenon. The current unbalance in the power grid will increase the consumption of lines and transformer, lowering the function of transformer, affecting the safe operation of transformer, as well as zero drift, which may lead to three phase voltage unbalance, thus to lower the power supply quality. For the above mentioned condition, in order to optimize the power quality, saving energy and reducing emission, we has specially designed three phase unbalance automatic adjusting device. This device can filter more than 90% of the zero sequence in the rated capacity, and control the three phase unbalance degree within 10%.

Imported 100A from phase B, respectively transferred 50A to phase A and phase C, making output balance for phase A, phase B and phase C of the transformer, thus to avoid the power quality problems.

a. Effectively avoid partly heating and aging for the middle lines, even the risk of fire.

b. Effectively equipment error alarming caused by partly voltage unbalance

c. Effectively avoid the risk of systemic weak electric equipment burnt caused by high zero ground voltage.

d. Will not increase the active power consumption