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UV curing system
Loctite UVALOC 400 97039/63 Henkel LOCTITE



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Light Cure Equipment - Flood Cure System, UVALOC 400 Chamber

The UVALOC 400 is designed suitable for UVA and visible light curing Loctite adhesives. It can be used at manual workstations in batch manufacturing processes, shops and laboratories.
The UVALOC 400 is a system that includes a power unit with integrated power switch, hour meter, ballast, lamp housing with bulb, reflector and ignition capacitor/starter unit.

◾Contains a 10 cm, 400 W Metal Halide bulb
◾Optimised to emit high intensity UVA light
◾Typical curing area of 10 x 19 cm
◾Up to 1000 hours of expected UV bulb life
◾Includes curtain for operator protection
◾Power supply can be separated from the lamp base assembly for remote use
◾Lamp height is adjustable to optimise exposure requirements
◾Contains a glass filter to prevent exposure short wavelength UVB/UVC light