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UV curing system
Loctite UVALOC 1000 97055/97056 Henkel LOCTITE



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Loctite 97055/97056

Light Cure Equipment - Flood Cure System, UVALOC 1000 Cure Chamber

The UVALOC 1000 chamber version 97055 is the optimum UV curing oven that is designed for manual loading and unloading of components to be cured.
The emission spectrum of the lamp and radiant power capacity have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of UV-curable Loctite adhesives. It is equipped with a 1000 W medium pressure mercury arc lamp to provide good tack-free and depth cure.
Visible light bulbs for deep penetration or Fe-doped mercury arc bulbs for combined tack-free and depth cure are available.

◾Can be used at manual and automatic workstations
◾Repeatable and exact curing results due to adjustable opening times of the shutter
◾Provides capability for tack-free cure of UV adhesives
◾Complete shielding of operator from exposure to UV light
◾High degree of occupational safety due to pneumatically operated shutter
◾High process safety due to the integrated UV monitoring system
◾Up to 800 hours of expected bulb life