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adhesives dispenser / silicone / volumetric / single-component
Loctite 97611 Compact Rotor Pump Henkel LOCTITE



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    adhesive, silicone

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Loctite 97611 Compact Rotor Pump 4.0

The volumetric rotor pump dispenser applies LOCTITE® adhesives out of a reservoir with high repeatability. The dispenser is a rotating displacement system. It consists of a rotor and a stator.The different geometries of the rotor and stator cause the formation of cavities. Rotation of the rotor in the stator generates a flow that is proportional to rotary angle, and so delivery is speed-dependent.The intrinsic self-sealing capability depends on the viscosity of the adhesive.


* Volumetric device - flow rate is proportional to speed and electronically controlled.

* Dispenses anaerobic, acrylics and UV acrylics. NOT for dispensing CAs

* Viscosity limit is up to 100,000 mPas.

* Volume flow: 0.05 - 6.0 ml/min.

* Applications include drop or bead dispensing or potting.

* Integrated Luer lock-adapter with O-ring (patented) ensures sealing in reverse flow!

* Reversible direction of flow (suck-back) allows for an exact stoppage of the product flow.

Do not operate the dispenser in an explosive atmosphere.

This rotor pump requires the EQ RC15 Pump Controller, item # 1880232 (sold separately) to form a complete dispensing system.