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dosing dispenser with peristaltic pump / for low-viscosity liquids / adhesive / single-component
Loctite EQ PU20 Henkel LOCTITE



  • Applications:

    for low-viscosity liquids, adhesive

  • Type:

    with peristaltic pump

  • Other characteristics:

    single-component, manual, semi-automatic, digital


Product Description

The Loctite EQ PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser is a reliable and effective volumetric dispenser for single-component, low viscosity adhesives. It is great for precise dosing or applications that require a specific flow rate. This Dispenser is electro-mechanically operated and does not require the use of an air source. It transfers liquids via pressure displacement applied by a rotor turning against a tube that carries the material from the bottle to a hand-held dispense valve. This Dispenser provides volumetric dispensing of non-thixotropic materials such as cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, UV products, or solvents up to a viscosity of 5,000 cPs. It can be used as a manual or semi-automatic workstation.


•Air-free dispensing eliminates air in product.

•Forward and reverse motion of rotor.

•Instant reverse for vacuum suck-back; shuts off the flow of liquid and prevents dripping

•Adjustable post-delay time for vacuum setting.

•Simple and convenient load mechanism provides for easy cleaning.

•Continuous or timed mode of dispense.

•Large digital LED display

•Includes four (4) different feed line tubing sizes to accommodate various product viscosities.

•Dispenses from any size container since the feedline is placed directly into the bottle of adhesive.

•Virtually no wasting of adhesive since it travels from the product bottle, thru the feedline tubing, and onto the part.

•No flushing of dispense valve required

•No downloading of adhesive required - just place the feedline into the original bottle.