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UV flashlight / metal halide / decontamination / hardening
Heraeus Noblelight



  • Type:

    UV, metal halide

  • Applications:

    decontamination, hardening, oxidation, curing, disinfection, photochemical processes

  • Power:

    400 W, 10,000 W, 60,000 W


UV medium-pressure lamps feature a broad, pronounced line spectrum in the ultraviolet and visible range (200 nm to 600 nm) and a high power density of about 100 W/cm².
They are suitable for UV disinfection, UV oxidation, UV curing and photochemical processes.
Various additives can be used to adjust our UV medium-pressure lamps to your individual requirements.

Types of UV medium-pressure lamps
Standard UV medium-pressure lamps: High radiation output in the UVC range, high disinfection effect
High performance UV medium-pressure lamps: Increased UVC output due to reduced size, high disinfection and oxidation effect
Metal halide additives can optimise the spectrums for photochemical applications