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UV curing system / high-performance / surface
Heraeus Noblelight


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    high-performance, surface


For surface curing, Heraeus uses special high-performance UVC lamp modules. The UVC module emits monochromatic, extremely intensive, short-wave UV radiation at a wavelength of exclusively 254 nm. The result is homogeneous curing at the surface of the material.
The patented QRC® reflector integrated in the module makes an additional contribution to the high efficiency of the module.
Despite the high UV intensity, the surface of the material is almost not heated and energy consumption remains low.

Your advantages
Homogeneous curing at the surface of the material
Material does not heat
Easy control through control panel
Continuous UV dimming down to 70%
Easy maintenance
Environmentally-friendly method because ozone-free and energy resources are used sustainably


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