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Heraeus Noblelight



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    for the food industry


Food producers are facing many challenges in connection with the HACCP hygiene regulations and this includes the sterilisation of conveyor belts.

However, you can solve this problem with our Steribelt system. The high performance Steribelt UV system has been used primarily to sterilise the surfaces of assembly belts in the meat-processing industry.
Due to the flat geometry of the lamps installed, exposure is precisely adjusted to the flat surface of the conveyor belt.

Due to the flat geometry of the indium amalgam lamps in the module, Steribelt is optimally suited for use on conveyor belts. More than 35% of the UV energy is directly transferred to the surface to be sterilised which significantly enhances efficiency.

Your advantages
Maximal lamp output due to the use of an amalgam lamp
No chemicals used
Easy installation and maintenance due to robust and compact steel casing
Requires no external air or water cooling
Washable due to protection class IP67
Splinter shield film transparent to UV light
Efficiency can be measured and documented for quality control
Available with different lengths
Easy to retrofit to existing system
Low investment and operating costs
Less deposits of product residue on the surface due to rotational symmetry