surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / automatic
72/865 Herbert Arnold GmbH & Co. KG



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for metal sheets

  • Control type:

    CNC, automatic


The 72/865 Model is an automatic flat-plate grinding machine developed by Arnold Grupple. It is mainly used for grinding of the lateral surfaces and chamfering squared multi-crystalline silicon work pieces. The unit comes with 4 parallel arranged grinding aggregates and can processed 180 mm to 550 mm work piece lengths.

The system is supplied with fully automatic operation, adaptive Grinding Process Control, automatic change of work piece format (125/156), and equipped with two loading zones for manual and fully automatic. It is also embedded with rigid three-piece welded steel bed, fully automatic loading, pneumatic clamping and work pierce centering,

In addition, the framework comes with higher rigidity, vibration damping, 20% higher throughput, and geometric correction by parallel arrangement of grinding aggregates.

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