carbon fiber prepreg / epoxy resin
Polyspeed® Hexcel Corporation


  • Fabric type:

    carbon fiber

  • Resin type:

    epoxy resin


The Polyspeed® pre-cured glass/epoxy laminates have an open grid structure and are available in rolls with widths from 38 to 1270 mm. They are intended for use in combination with prepreg in a vacuum bag lay-up, providing considerable improvements in surface quality of cured laminate, while lowering thickness variations. These products are positioned between peel ply/release film and the bleeder layer in the blade lay-up, and are coated with a release agent, eliminating the uneven surfaces, reducing adhesive consumption, and can be reused multiple times. Additionally, these products are also suited for the construction of reinforced sandwich boards, intended for use with PU foam, creating a support panel for the new blade master model.