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manual crimping tool / for photovoltaic applications / for connectors
CPV series Heyco



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for photovoltaic applications, for connectors


You will need several things to include Heyco CPV Solar Crimping Tool, Heyco CPV Solar or CPV Solar Bulkhead Connector and Heyco CPV Solar Disconnection Tool. Start off by choosing the right Heyco CPV Solar or CPV Solar Bulkhead Connector and tooling for your application requirements. The, trim the wire to the length and take off the end for termination to achieve 300 degrees strip length. After that, set the male pin or female barrel into the nest on the CPV crimper with the crimp facing upwards. Finish the crimping process. The specifications include crimp height: Male Pin: .105" ±.005" for 12 AWG, .116" ±.005" for 10 AWG Female Barrel: .085" ±.005" for 12 AWG, .095" ±.005" for 10 AWG.

Th crimper should be adjusted depending on the size of wires for the right crimp height. To do so, take off the screw and spin adjustment cam until the alighment point is angled with the right wire size.