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nylon cable gland / waterproof / straight
SMCG series Heyco



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Obliges USE-2 12 AWG and 10 AWG wire Skinned-over gland stays fluid tight, free of the amount of wires utilized - Skinned-over glands in the Solar Masthead II Cordgrips offer adaptability to use from 1 to 13 of the accessible holes while as of now giving a fluid tight seal around the wire. UV safe nylon development with TPE or Buna N Sealing Gland opposes salt water, frail acids, fuel, liquor, oil, oil, and normal solvents. Secures info PV heads from sun oriented board exhibit strings to wire holder hookup inside sunlight based combiner boxes.

Designed for solar rooftop establishments. Provides a watertight seal for PV module output prompts inverters. Eliminates the requirement for combiner box in residential rooptop solar requisitions when fitting strung connector is utilized. Generous twisting pads for simplicity of assembly.