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Round strain relief bushing / straight / nylon / for cables
Heyco® RDD Lockit™ Heyco


  • Configuration:

    round, straight

  • Material:


  • Product applications:

    for cables


These products can snap onto round cables, allowing faster assembly into mounting holes of type "Double D". The semi-automatic equipment available is assembly-friendly, while the RDD Lockit Strain relief is independent on the insertion into the panel and self-locks onto a cable. The "offline" RDD Lockits are suitable for final assembly at a later stage or in a remote location, for lower installed costs.

The items can be installed easily with the use of fingertip pressure, into a standard round or "Double D" hole. There are no tools required, even in hand assembly, while the protection of electronics is done by absorbing the forces of pull and push, which may be exerted on the flexible power chord. Finally, there are multiple pane locking systems, while the automated pre-assembly equipment speeds up the RDD onto the cable, lowering risks at the same time.


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