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radio-frequency connector / circular / waterproof / for photovoltaic applications
CPV series Heyco



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    for photovoltaic applications


The Heyco® CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors is made up of polycarbonate for good chemical and impact resistance and 1/2" NPT thread must be deployed in 1/2" knock-out hole. It has integral sealing ring for creating a liquid tight seal through the panel and the integral sealing secures a superior seal at the mounting hole location every time. It must be crimped to stranded wire 14 to 10 gauge for internal connections and disconnection and crimping tools are available.

It has a minimum temperature rating of -40°F or -40°C to 221°F or 105°C.The IP rating is IP65 and IP67. The product complies to RoHS and REACH,UL recognized under File E344722 and it has TUV certification No. R60033714.Lastly, the product has a U.S. Patent No. 8398419B2.