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signal conditioning module signal conditioning module


Signal conditioning is a vital part of the data acquisition process and measurement chain. Poor choice of signal conditioning can seriously compromise the overall quality of the measurements taken by any data acquisition system and as a result the choice of conditioning equipment is important when specifying a measurement solution.
After consideration of the signal quality of a conditioning system, the functionality and integration aspects of the equipment should be seriously considered. Traditionally conditioning equipment has remained separated from the data acquisition systems using solely analogue links between the two. This has some advantages, particularly in allowing multiple vendor choices, but does also miss some opportunities for improving the entire measurement chain. For instance with modern internal or digitally connected external programmable conditioning systems on-the-fly changes in parameters can be handled and integrated into the acquired data (such as gain changes). Automation of calibration, and overload / short circuit monitoring is also possible and provides useful aids to the over-pressed measurement engineers of today.
HGL Dynamics has always taken a lot of care to ensure that its high-quality data acquisition systems are matched with equally high-quality signal conditioning systems and now provides internal and external conditioning solutions for all of its data acquisition products. HGL can also supply a range of external conditioning systems for 3rd party acquisition systems as required.