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Floor-standing variable-speed drive / HVAC
HIVERT-T/Y 03 Hiconics Drive Technology Co.,Ltd


  • Mounting:


  • Applications:


  • Power:

    Min.: 250000 W

    Max.: 3300000 W


Voltage range: 3/3.3
Power range: 0.3 – 3.3 MW
3 power cells per phase, max power cell current is 800A. 1000A is under test.
Output frequency range: 0 – 80 Hz
Cooling: AF
IP protection: IP 3X
Control method: – Local control/Remote control/upper system:
Analog input: 4-20mA
communication: Modbus (RS 485), Profibus DP(optional), Industry Ethernet Protocol (optional)
Highest altitude of operation site : 3000 m
power cell cabinet
power cell:
bypass cabinet(optional)
switch cabinet(optional)
The HIVERT-T/Y03 serial MV drive is used for medium voltage AC synchronous/asynchronous 3kV,3.3kV motor speed regulation. It adopts power cells connecting in series topology and wave stacking method. With multi-level sinusoidal PWM (V/F) control, it has high control accuracy, fast response and no pollution to grid network. The main features are shown as below:
● Multi-language support: Chinese / English LCD display
● Wide input voltage scope to meet the demand of power network
● Output voltage AVR (automatic voltage regulator) function to prevent damage to motor isolation from over voltage
● Torque boost function to raise output voltage & output torque during low frequency running
● Power interrupt ride-through function to keep continuous operation in the event of a power loss of maximum 1000ms


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