Hydraulic press / tryout / test / electronic


  • Operation:


  • Function:

    tryout, test

  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, for tools, 4-column

  • Opening:

    1000 mm

  • Force:

    7971.2 kN


This MV-800 HIDROGARNE hydraulic press, with four stanchions, 800 tons of power and synchro-electronic system, is specially designed and manufactured for the adjustment and testing of molds or dies

As all our M series hydraulic press, this is esigned with four cylindrical columns for increased accuracy and capacity.

Structure and tables

- Structure designed to support 600 TN of force concentrated in 1/ 3 part of its surface.
- Chrome-plated and grounded columns of 250 mm with bellows of protection.
- Lower table with “T” grooves arranged on the table according to the indications of the user.
- Upper table with “T” grooves and anti-fall safety system.
- Useful surface of the tables 3.000 x 2.000 mm.


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