hydraulic welding positioner / rotary / 5-axis



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This positioner is designed to carry out welding, adjusting and assembly operations in optimal security conditions.

The innovative characteristics of this positioner, truly unique in its field because of its capabilities, offer the possibility to execute the following operations:

- The rotation is carried out through a SUMITONO motor reducer. The speed is regulated by a frequency variator and calibrated through a potentiometer.
- Hydraulic plate inclination. With a tilting of the table from 0º to 135º.
- Hydraulic plate elevation

Inclination and elevation is executed through oleo-dynamic cylinders at a constant speed. This makes the machine operator work in a secure and ergonomic position and reduces remarkably the working time.

Main components

- Structure: Designed for a highly stable performance.
- Plate with rotation device: It permits an infinite rotation of the work piece.
- Hydraulic group: Integrated with the positioner centre with security limiter valves.
- Rotation: Permits to control the speed rotation by an inverter. The switch is placed at the control station.