hydraulic press / straightening / swaging / double-action



  • Operation:


  • Function:

    straightening, swaging

  • Other characteristics:

    double-action, workshop, downstroke, double-column

  • Opening:

    250 mm

  • Force:

    797.1 kN, 996.4 kN, 1,494.6 kN, 1,992.8 kN


Specifically designed to perform work involving extraction, threading, straightening, etc.

S-series hydraulic presses consist of an electro welded structure of 4 stanchions with open sides.

These models feature a mobile bed which enables the equipment to be positioned at different heights. The equipment is secured by means of two center pins located beneath the bed. The raising and lowering system is operated by means of chains activated by the press cylinder. It inlcudes two support flat blocks.

Two different models are available:
SD models: This model features a fixed headstock.
SL models: This model is equipped with a headstock lateral displacement and provided with a manual locking system. Moved by wheels.

The cylinder is double acting with chrome plunger and maintenance-free anti wear guides, it’s fitted with a removable and interchangeable hold-down plate to avoid its deterioration.

One-speed motorized hydraulic unit.

Glycerin gauge with reading in tonnes.

Operation is carried out by means of a lever-operated hydraulic distributor.

Electric installation and safety

Electric installation equipped with an engine guard and emergency stop device.

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