hydraulic press / straightening / deep drawing / swaging



  • Operation:


  • Function:

    straightening, deep drawing, swaging, punching, bending

  • Other characteristics:

    workshop, with fixed table, with floating headstock

  • Opening:

    250 mm, 300 mm

  • Force:

    797.1 kN, 1,494.6 kN, 2,192.1 kN, 2,989.2 kN, 996.4 kN


Designed with fixed table to perform work involving fretwork, deep-drawing, punching, bending, straightening, etc.

It consist of an electro welded structure made solely of S355JR steel. They are machined at the end of the structural welding process.

FDM models: equipped with a fixed headstock and several headstocks may be installed on the same machine

FLM models: equipped with a headstock of lateral displacement by wheels, featuring a manual locking system.

FLV models: equipped with a headstock of lateral displacement by steering wheel and a rack transmission system, featuring a manual locking system.

The cylinder is double acting with a chrome plunger and maintenance-free anti wear guides, it’s fitted with an interchangeable hold-down plate to avoid the deterioration of the plunger and machined at the end to adapt tools. Anti-turning of the cylinder with a squared front and stroke endings come as standard which enable us to conveniently regulate the cylinder stroke.

They allow the installation of multiple headstocks in one machine.

A two-speed motorized hydraulic unit with automatic high speed deactivation. It’s equipped with a cylinder decompression valve.

They are supplied with a glycerin gauge with reading in tonnes.

The control panel features a switch enabling the user to select the desired type of work in a manual or semi-automatic position and a switch to select either the fast or slow speed.

Operation is carried out by low voltage electric pedals.

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