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    for production, cold

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Special RM-1000 E HIDROGARNE hydraulic press is adapted and customized for cold forming.

Structure and tables
-Rigid structure with closed sides machined and stabilized after welding and constructed with ST-52/3 steel.
-Upper CK-45 stainless steel table of 1450x900mm with two T grooves.
-Robust fixed bed created to withstand extreme loads well above its nominal.
-Lower CK-45 stainless steel table of 1450x960 mm with two T grooves.
-Stroke endings placed at the right side, it allows to regulate the top and bottom stroke and change the speed.
Cylinder and hydraulic unit
-Two cylinders of 500 tonnes each one and 4 cylindersy to fast forward.
-Hydraulic group with one speed, it has installed prefilling valves to do a faster approach of the upper table.
Main Motor 38 Kw
Approaching speed 60 mm/s
Working speed 4mm/s
Return speed 90 mm/s
Cooling system with radiator air-oil
Electro-valves and manoeuvre BOSCH REXROTH
Fast system using pre-filling valves BOSCH REXROTH
Front pressure regulation

Electric installation and safety
Level IV photoelectrical sensors of 800mm
Operated by two hand control with level IV security module
Electrical control panel with a selector for manual or automatic operation and 1 or 2 cylinder speed selector
Gauge in tones
Front pressure regulation.
Security module.
Emergency stop Z.
Back protections with security doors and micro.
Sick front light guards
It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the EC standard.

Technical features
Power 1000 Tn
Motor power 38KW
Approach speed 60 mm/s
Working speed 4mm/s
Return speed 90 mm/s
Upper table 1450x900 mm
Lower table 1450x960 mm

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