Data acquisition module
1 µA - 1 mA | V460 Highland Technology, Inc.


- Includes 16-channel, multiplexed, programmable constant-current source and precision analog-to-digital converter
- Capable of measuring nearly any mixture of resistive-, bridge- or semiconductor-type sensors, using 4-wire connections
- Ideal for cryogenic applications using mixed sensor types
- Ultrastable programmable constant current source: 1 µA, 10 µA, 100 µA, 1 mA source currents
- 16-bit ADC includes programmable gain differential amplifier, autozeroing, and programmable digital noise filtering
- All parameters are fully programmable for each channel
- Fully self-scanning without processor intervention: conditioned data is presented in transparent dual-port memory registers
- Reads sensor voltage drop directly; includes engineering unit conversion for common silicon diode and RTD type temperature sensors

The V460 is a VME-based versatile source/measurement unit. It includes a programmable constant-current source, a precision programmable gain 16-bit analog-to-digital converter, and a 4-wire, 16-channel analog multiplexer. An internal microprocessor supervises channel scanning according to user loaded parameters, reporting sensor voltage drops or, for selected sensor types, engineering-unit data.

The V460 is ideal for precision temperature measurement, using mixed resistive and diode sensor types. The programmable current sources and low duty-cycle scanning assure low sensor self-heating. Programmable digital filtering allows selectable rejection of AC line hum and other noise sources.


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