Data acquisition module
V680 Highland Technology, Inc.


The V680 is an 8-channel VME time-to-digital converter from Highland Technology. The converter is designed to record the time of occurrence of eight independent electrical pulse inputs that are measured relative to a common reference input. Each input channel can time its event "hit" with 48.82-picosecond resolution and 48-bit dynamic range.

This device is capable of measuring events up to 6800 seconds before or after common trigger, or 0 to +13,700 seconds after trigger. It has adjustable trigger levels and edge polarity and can be used as a 9-channel independent time-stamper. It provides a quick response of 200 nanoseconds and jitters just below 40 picoseconds RMS.

Furthermore, the V680 converter has a stable ovenized quartz crystal time base that generates an accuracy of 0.01 PPM/°C aging <1 PPM/year. It is also integrated with an LED indicator that shows the module access and acquisition and the readout mode status.


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