V420 Highland Technology, Inc.



- 8-channel, isolated, wide-range, 2/4 wire resistance simulator
- Fast, monotonic, glitch-free resistance value programming
- Suitable for simulating resistors, platinum/copper RTDs, thermistors, strain gages, load cells
- Users may directly program resistances or RTD simulation (copper or platinum) temperatures
- Four programmable resistance ranges from 5 ohms to 65.5 Kohms
- Any channel is switchable to front-panel calibration check connector for in-system test without disconnecting field wiring
- Simple register based VME interface with no handshaking required
- Optional built-in self-test (BIST) and mil/COTS versions available
- Optional termination panels and bridge completion boards available

The V420 is an 8-channel, isolated, programmable resistance simulator. It uses entirely solid-state simulation to eliminate transient errors associated with relay switching, and provide for monotonic resistance changes. Channels are individually programmable in four resistance ranges, from 5 ohms to 65.5K. Channels can operate from microvolts up to 35V / 50mA. Overload protection and channel error detection are included.

Any channel may be rerouted, under software control, to the front-panel calibration-check connector, allowing the board to be tested for calibration by a precision DVM without disturbing the connections to the equipment under test. The BIST option adds an onboard precision ohmmeter, allowing loopback checking and full automatic self-test. Optional external termination and bridge-completion boards are available.


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