V420 Highland Technology, Inc.


The V420 is an 8-channel, isolated, wide-range, 2/4 wire resistance and programmable resistance simulator specially designed to eliminate transient errors associated with relay switching using entirely solid-state simulation and provide monotonic resistance changes. The device works on fast, monotonic, glitch-free resistance value programming making it suitable for simulating resistors, platinum/copper RTDs, thermistors, strain gauges and load cells. The channels can be individually programmed in four resistance ranges, from 5 ohms to 65.5K and operated from microvolts up to 35V / 50mA.

The channels can be switched to the front-panel calibration check connector for in-system test without any disconnection of field wiring. The module includes overload protection and channel error detection. The simulator enables the users to directly program resistances or RTD simulation (copper or platinum) temperatures. V420 features a simple register based VME interface without any handshaking. optional features include built-in self-test (BIST) and mil/COTS versions, termination panels and bridge completion boards


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