centrifugal decanter / horizontal / for the food industry / for the beverage industry
Hiller GmbH



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    for the food industry, for the beverage industry


Hiller Food Decanter for the production of juice and wine

With about 50 years’ experience in the separation technology, the Hiller
GmbH has

established itself as one of the leading decanter manufacturers in the
food and drink

sector. A lot of well-known wine or juice producing companies already
count on the

advantages of the Hiller Food decanter for juice extraction. The unique
HILLER juice

discharge system leads to tremendous advantages for the wine and juice

There are a lot of benefits resulting from using a Hiller decanter for
your juice


- Excellent sensorial juice quality because of a closed and gentle
process with

short retention time and no additional air inlet

- Reduces costs via adjustable/low lees content

- No Additional plant equipment necessary, as the juice phase is already


- Simple and immediate reaction to changed inlet conditions via remotely

adjustable pond depth

- Quick product change via recipe control

- Minimum cleaning (time) loss by means of fully automated CIP procedure

- Constantly optimal economic efficiency via real time-yield- monitoring

- Very wide processing range because of centrifugal principle instead of

- High space-time yield due to the continuous process

- Very high yields in principle, as there are higher pressing forces