decanter for the food industry / for the beverage industry / centrifugal / horizontal
DF76-402SB Hiller GmbH



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    for the food industry, for the beverage industry

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Hiller decanters for the production of wine and fruit juice: efficient and cost-saving

Juicing by means of decanter centrifuges is worthwhile both qualitatively and economically. With Hiller decanters for wine and fruit juice production, the yield can be extremely increased compared to other production processes. In addition, the quality of must and juice is demonstrably excellent, as the decanter is a continuous, single-stage process. The closed and fast system ensures that the product is processed gently and hygienically. The mash passes through a feed pump directly into the decanter, where the pomace is separated by centrifugal force. The result is a high-quality, cold-pressed juice in which the valuable and healthy ingredients are fully preserved.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, costs can also be saved with the Hiller technology. The main reasons for this are the reduction of the amount of waste water as well as low maintenance and cleaning costs and the space-saving and compact design.

The simple, fast and continuous throughput leads to an enormous streamlining of the plants and processes: fewer containers and container volumes and only one operator serving the complete pressing and flotation area for processing.