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Diesel generator set / soundproofed
278.1 - 305 kVA, 50 Hz | HMW-280 T5 HIMOINSA


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Rated Output: 239,2 kW prp; 264,2 kW standby
Manufacturer: MTU
Model: 6R1600G10F
Engine Type: Diesel 4 strokes-cycle
Injection Type: Direct
Aspiration Type: Turbocharged and aftercooled
Ciylinders Arrangement: 6 - L
Bore and Stroke: 122 x 150 mm
Displacement: 10,5 L
Cooling System: coolant
Lube Oil Specifications: S10 W40
Compression Ratio: 17,5
Fuel Consumption StandBy: 65,31 l/h
Fuel Consumption 100% PRP: 59,35 l/h
Fuel Consumption 75 % PRP: 46,69 l/h
Fuel Consumption 50 % PRP: 34,17 l/h
Fuel Consumption 25 % PRP: 19,47 l/h
Lube Oil Consumption Full Load: 0,5 % of fuel consumption
Total oil capacity including tubes, filters 46 L
Total Oil Capacity: 84 L
Governor Type Electrical
Air Filter Type Dry
Inner diameter exhaust pipe: 106 mm
Diesel engine
4 strokes-cycle
24V Electrical system
Radiator with blowing fan
Water separator decanting filter (visible level)
Electronic governor
Sender WT
Senders OP
Low water level sensor
Dry air cleaner
Hot components and radiator guards
Mobile components guards


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